Blue Flower


Sim (simulated) Thrustmaster racing is a game in which computer software (for instance, an auto simulation game) and hardware combine to provide a realistic simulation of driving or racing, including real-world racing components ;like fuel usage, suspension, tire wear, and many others. Players of sim racing don't have to know all parts of car handling or setup because there are usually communities that help out..


Of course, the more knowledgeable you are about racing and driving - concepts like threshold braking, entering and exiting a turn without decreasing speed, for example - you'll have a better game.


Another thing you should remember is that sim racing is not anywhere near arcade driving games like Mario Kart and F1. The Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel relies on real world variables, while arcade racer games depend on a feeling of speed and ease of use.


To a true blue sim racer, the realism aspect is the main source of their enjoyment, and not extravagant gimmicks and graphics.


Sim racing is generally played on personal computers since the demand on ram, graphics and processors is grat. Laser scanned tracks display each bump and undulation that would show in the real world, with an eyefinity setup visible through and around the apex, with up to a 179-degree perspective.


Practice and general track time could help improve you're your lap times as well as your confidence in the car. When it comes to race time, you will be able to determine when you must brake, instead of constantly worry about where to brake (given that you need about 200 milliseconds or 0. This is known as reaction time (RT) and is very stable, differing only from between 160ms to 250ms in different persons. That means you would know your own vehicle's capabilities, letting you focus 100% on race craft.


Endurance Sim Racing


Plenty of sim racing beginners, who have mostly taken the leap from console-centered arcade racing, normally find that they have to be acclimatized to the endurance factor. Sim racing can have longer races from around twenty laps to one-hour weekly events or special events lasting as long as five hours; or maybe even longer endurance events with prepared driver swaps. Concentration is often a key factor for virtual racers who aren't used to it. Both mind games and the endurance factor may be related to concentration. To manage the mind games, you just need to breeze through it, not thinking and just driving.Like you were putting yourself on auto pilot. Everything couldn't come more naturally. Check out for more information.