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Without a doubt, gaming mouse and keyboard controls have become integral for several genres but have been a problem for some racing games. Arrow keys are just not the perfect substitute for wheels but the good thing is, the problem for such has been lessened with the rise of cross platform controller support, making it possible to some gaming console. Still, the standard for those who are serious in virtual simracing hardware is a gaming steering wheel in delivering utmost gaming experience.


The fact that these wheels can be so expensive is one problem that many gamers need to deal with. Spending only a hundred dollars is going to give you bargain basement unit and the best wheels in the market have a selling price for more or less 500 dollars. You will have to know what you are buying prior to forking out that much cash. Here are several things that you should be aware of.


Wheel size and rotation - some brands are even licensing the look of popular cars whether you believe it or not as these gaming steering wheels for PC tries to replicate both the feel and look of a real steering wheel. Still, trying to create a 1:1 scale of steering wheel for Xbox One could be hard for practical reasons and expensive at the same time.


What is meant by this is, there will be some compromise in terms of rotation and size. As for the more expensive models, they are nearly close to the real thing but inexpensive wheels tend to be smaller and its range of rotation is less than other road cars.


Force feedback and vibration - many are expecting that all racing wheels have force feedback as this is a feature that's been available for so many years. Well in a perfect world, that is what supposed to happen but in real world, it isn't especially in least expensive racing wheels that advertise themselves as vibration or a Force Vibration wheels. What this mean is, the wheel will just vibrate similar to modern gamepads but, there is no motor inside, which adds resistance to the wheel.


Pedal to the metal - in general, a wheel is useless without pedals so, most of the units come with bundle set. If you are going to buy inexpensive wheel that's more or less 200 dollars, then expect mundane plastic pedals that are supported by small spring, elastic band or belt. This works fine on the other hand, this isn't going to be the most durable option you could have.


Premium pedals up the game with more robust construction, the option of using a suspended or floor hinged pedal arrangement and also, sensor technology referred as load cell. To learn more about this, go to